Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Female hair loss no longer on fringe

A woman losing her hair was once considered a shameful experience, but Perth – based trichologist Kate Dawes is turning that perception on its head. 

Mrs Dawes said trichology involved studying microscopic photos of hair follicles to find the cause and treatment of hair loss, shaft breakage and scalp conditions.

“Even though more than 50 per cent of women experience hair loss in their lives, today’s market is focused on male patterns baldness so a lot of women are suffering in silence”, she said.

“For me, it’s very satisfying to help people recover and to see that improvement in their hair and confidence. “When my clients first come in they’re usually in tears, they are embarrassed and devastated by what is happening to the hair.

Mrs Dawes, director of Medical Hair Restoration Australia, said her interest in trichology began after she was diagnosed with Graves Disease, now in remission. “I wanted to find a better way of healing, so I became very interested in nutrition and the link with a lot of diseases and hair and skin conditions,” she said.

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