Friday, 25 April 2014

Women and hair loss

Does feeling tired seem like a way of life for you?

Have you noticed you are shedding more hair than usual and have brittle nails?

Hair loss can be a devastating condition for many women, with many being either at a loss where to turn to for help or just too embarrassed to discuss it with health professionals.

Medical Hair Restoration Australia director and trichologist Kate Dawes says many women dismiss the above symptoms as something that is simply a manifestation of either being a woman, age and or a busy life.

“Sometimes women think this is just another thing that I have to put up with because I’ve reached a certain age,” Mrs Dawes says.

“This just isn’t the case. It’s important to investigate the reasons why.”

Mrs Dawes says she counsels an increasing number of women whose lethargy and hair loss is due to a simple nutritional deficiency.

Hair loss caused by poor nutrition can be successfully treated with nutritional supplements such as iron, essential fatty acids and vitamins and minerals.

Anaemia is common among women, particularly those on restricted diets who experience heavy menstruation, and this often contributes to hair loss.

She says while pathology results showing ferritin levels of 20 -30 are often seen as normal, much higher ferritin levels of around 70 are needed to maintain healthy hair.
Mrs Dawes says good dietary sources of iron include red meat, green leafy vegetables, shell fish, egg yolk, nuts and cereal.

She says it’s a good idea to eat foods rich in vitamin C to enhance iron absorption.

Women with hair loss and less than ideal ferritin levels are often prescribed the iron supplement Ferrogradumet, along with a vitamin C, supplement, to increase absorption.

She says female and male clients are also achieving excellent results in improving the health of their hair and minimizing hair loss with the Help Hair Protein Shake.

Developed by United States based hair transplant surgeon and dermatologist Dr Larry Shapiro, the Help Hair Protein Shake is distributed by Medical Hair Restoration in Perth Western Australia.    

Other recommended supplements include essential fatty acids (EFAs) such as omega 3 fatty acid & 6 linoleic fatty acid and lysine.

Good dietary sources of EFAs include primrose oil, grape seed oil, flax-seed oil, nuts and seeds, salmon, trout, tuna and mackerel.

Foods such as cheese, eggs, potatoes, milk, meat and lima beans provide sources of lysine.