Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Understanding Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss can be a source of worry and embarrassment for millions of women around the world, especially as female pattern baldness is less well understood than the male equivalent.  

Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, including medication, infections and skin diseases, but as with baldness in men, loss of hair is most commonly due to genetics, hormones and the natural ageing process for women. Many women find their hair thinning after reaching menopause, due to an increase in androgen hormones, and women with female family members who experienced hair loss are more likely to have this genetic disposition.

Female pattern baldness may be observed as an increase in the number of hairs falling out or left on hair brushes, which is higher than the 100 to 150 normally lost per day on average as older hairs are replaced. If you also notice localised bald patches on the scalp or your ponytail becoming thinner, you should speak to a hair loss specialist to seek professional advice on prevention and treatment. Identifying the underlying cause of hair loss based on its appearance and your own medical history is the first step in successful treatment.

Kate Dawes is a trichologist at Medical Hair Restoration Australia, specialising in female hair loss. To book an obligation free consultation and hair analysis call 1800 668 480 or visit www.mhra.com.au