Friday, 19 August 2016

Introducing GENOME® Hair

GENOME® Hair Amplification is an advanced system of products consisting of a moisturising shampoo, conditioner and a scalp activating massage foam that addresses hair loss in both men and women. When used together, the GENOME® range will reduce hair shedding and promote hair growth. 
GENOME® Hair effectively combines 21st century scientific knowledge with ancient, time tested, healing properties of Australian bush medicine, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and hair care remedies. 
All our products contain 99.9% natural ingredients, that have been clinically trialled to improve hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. With our advanced formulations, technology and manufacturing know-how, Genome Hair is truly a revolutionary line of highly effective hair care remedies of uncompromising quality. 

GENOME® Hair product system is a collaborative effort between Medical Hair Restoration Australia and Y-Not Natural, a Western Australian manufacturing company. Using advanced formulations and technology, we combine the highest quality natural ingredients with minimal synthetic non-toxic ingredients. 
Manufactured in a TGA approved facility, GENOME® is proudly Australian made and is truly a revolutionary line of highly effective hair-care remedies of uncompromising quality.

• Clinically trialed and proven ingredients
• Effective on all hair types for both women and men
• Suitable for both Male and Female Pattern Baldness
• Suitable for excessive shedding
• Suitable for Alopecia Areata, Univeralis and Totalis
• When used regularly, miniaturized hair will be restored, gaining significant hair density
• Natural alternative to medications
• No unwanted side effects
• TGA approved manufacturing facility
• No animal testing
• Australian made
To learn more about GENOME® Hair go to or call 1800668480